Summer Collection


Ready for the good weather and our summer collection?
Well, here it is, our brand new Summer Collection!
A brand new BBQ design is waiting for you!!!



Hand Brand Cap


The sun comes out, we can use our hands to protect our eyes. 

But... why not buy a Hand Brand Cap! 
You can choose out of 5 designs!





The Corona virus tries to f*ck with our EK 2020 collection and with the health of millions of people so we are going to f*ck with Corona!

Also: Stay safe, follow the rules and don't infect each other!



EK 2021 Special


Support the RED DEVILS with our EK 2021 Special !!

Carefull: the design stays the same --> so 2020 as date on the design





Christmas Special


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Well here it is!

A nice-looking sweater/hoodie in Christmas colors to keep you warm during the cold, white Christmas days!







It’s a must in Belgium.

Every pub/café you go to, a hand sign to order a beer, it is the easiest way to understand for each bartender! Hand Brand Clothing goes for an emboidered, hand made hand sign on a shirt/hoodie, with a unique Hand Brand label.






We’re proud to announce our shirt in collaboration with Dj Bassbrain (also part of The Appartyment) & Lukratje Cara !!! These crazy guys just dropped a new single called “Lustemnie ofwa?” and it’s a banger! Are you ready to drink Cara in this new beautiful shirt or Lustemnie ofwa?...