Hand Brand Clothing, a unique and hand made brand.

Since 2019







Hand signs, Hand made, Hand Brand.


Hand Brand Clothing is a unique & hand made brand. It's a brand with many unique hand sings. Designed for all ages and personalities. 

Most of our designs are emboidered on the shirt/hoodie/sweater for a unique effect.


From drawing designs on paper to actually embroiding the designs. Every step in the process is made with love. 


Making hand signs is popular all over the world, every country has its own signs. We like to make beautiful, creative designs for them all.


Every clothing piece has its own Hand Brand Clothing label, a special extra to make our shirts/hoodies even more unique.







Our Models


A special thanks to our local models/influencers!

Lucca Govers, a handsome guy with a lovely, serious look. He has already done a lot of modeling and he's open-minded for sure!




Luna Duval, a famous girl on the social media platform, especially on TikTok! With a range of 200k followers, our pretty girl loves to take time for a photoshoot.